Private Parties
We have many different private party plans
including both daytime and nighttime parties!

Give us a call and we'll build a party plan for you.
Party Hats

Especially for Corporations, Churches, Schools, Scouts, Organizations...
We also have private Birthday Parties too!

"ALL" Private Party Plans include the following:
  • You control the Admission price to your party. We can also collect the admission for you if desired.
  • Up to 200 guests permitted at your party depending on the type of party.
  • Skates are available for $3.00 per person (unless otherwise listed) if needed.  A limited number of speed skates (low profile) & inline skates are also available for $3.00 per person. (CLEAN 'inline' skates are permitted).
  • Rink usage for 2, 2 1/2, or 3 hours
  • All Staff including Disc Jockey, Skate Room & Snack Bar Attendant(s), and Skate Guard(s) as necessary
  • Snack Bar can be open during your Private Party if you desire.  You may also bring any outside food in as desired. (Our snack bar can provide:  cheese pizza, nachos & cheese, chicken nuggets, french fries, soft pretzels, chips, ice cream, iceys, popcorn, various candy bars, Coca Cola soda products, 100% fruit juices, bottled water and more)
  • Game Area and Fun Shop can be either open or closed at your request
  • You can decide what Music is played. We also have Specials such as Hokey Pokey, Limbo, etc., in addition to our extensive library of Pop/Rock, Top 40, Country, Christian, Oldies, Tiny Tots, and organ music.  (Rap songs are reviewed and restricted for content and language when necessary). You may also bring in your own music if you have something special you would like played during your party (we do not play music that is inappropriate for children).
"Daytime" Private Party (Pick any 2 Hours)

Daytime Private Skating Party

All Daytime Private Parties can be done from 1-2 hours between 10:00am thru 6:30pm on any day at any time we do not have public sessions (NOTE:  We are CLOSED on Sunday's from Jun 3 thru Mid-September)

Fun Time (ball, scooters, tricycles, hula hoops, etc) Available during last 30 minutes - Add $40

Fun Time is exclusively for children 7 years old and under

We will charge you $2.00 admission per hour for each skater.  Non-skaters usually are not charged. (minimum charge will be for 50 admissions or $100 per hour)

An additional $1.50 per hour per skater for use of our skates.  No charge if skater has his/her own skates.

You may charge any amount you wish for Admission and we can collect at the door if you desire.

Only who you invite at your party.  Up to 150 skaters.

Snack Bar is available UPON REQUEST ONLY.  We must know in advance.  Game area and Fun Shop are always available.

"Nighttime" Private Party (2, 2 1/2, or 3 Hours)

Sunday:  Between 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM We are closed on Sunday's from Jun 3 thru Mid-September
Monday, Wednesday or Thursday:  Between 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


2 Hour Party $275 Roo
2.5 Hour Party $300
3 Hour Party $325

* Skates available for $3.00 for each skater as needed

The "Great" Deal! (Buy 2 at regular price & get the 3rd HALF OFF!)

The "Best" Deal! (Buy 3 at regular price & get the 4th FREE!)

* All parties must take place within the same season (Sept. - June)