The Rink
The Floor

The FloorOur hardwood floor is well maintained and easy on your skates.  Outside skates are only allowed in after being examined carefully, and rollerblades are allowed at our facility provided they are exceptionally clean, preferably not used outside.  We take pride in keeping our floor in the best condition possible for a fun, safe environment for  everyone.

The Snack Bar

The Snackbar

Our snack bar is filled with all of your typical fun-time snacks.  We also stock a wide variety of nutritional alternatives too.  Whatever it is that you are looking for to satisfy your active appetite or to quench your thirst, you are sure to find it here.  Always affordable, always fresh, and always good!


The Fun Shop

The Fun ShopOur Fun Shop has all the toys and trinkets your kids will love!  Most of our gadgets are only a few cents and can be purchased with cash or tickets won from our game room. However, please be aware that most items at the fun shop are only safe for children 5 and over. Also check out our fully stocked skate supply center where you can find cool accessories, or place your order from one of our many styles.

The Game Room

The Game RoomOur Game Room is packed with fun for everyone of all ages.  Arcade games, air hockey, skee-ball, the claw, games of skill and games of chance, even a pool table!  Take your tickets to the Fun Shop to cash in on some really cool prizes, or just hang out with friends while taking a skate break.  A good time will definitely be had by all who visit our Game Room.

The Lockers

The LockersLockers are provided at our facility for your convenience.  Please be sure to always use a locker to keep all of your valuables in a safe place while you skate during our sessions. As we constantly strive to provide you with the safest environment possible, we also know that theft can happen to anyone at any time.  Management is not responsible for any items lost or stolen while at our facility.  Lockers can be rented for only $1.00 per visit or yearly rental rates are also available.

The DJ (Owner/Operator)

The DJOur DJ, Mike Maus, is also the Red Bridge Roller Rink Owner/Operator.  You will find Mr. Mike at 99% of our sessions.  He always has a smile and an open hand to help make your skating experience the most enjoyable time possible.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced skater, Mike will help you adjust your skates and give you a few pointers.  As you visit our rink a time or two, you will quickly find out why all of the kids look up to Mike as a positive influence and inspirational role model in their lives.