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The scale ranges from 0 exclusively heterosexual to 6 exclusively homosexualand everyone falls somewhere on it. Check out all 25 stories here.

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Anyway it was unreal. He ended up staying in my room during his visit.

Our latest gay stories:

We joked about giving each other blowjobs, and one of my friends happened to be gay. We were each other's firsts for everything sexually speaking, and it started out as just being curious and figuring out what felt good sexually. Teens Frankie - Frankie finds out at 14 that he has more in common Mature man looking for Meridian and possibly more some of his friend than he knew.

One day, he asked me if I would ever want to do more. Head here for more. On some random fall weekend, it was just me and Dale in our room while the other roommate went back home on leave.

True first time tales

Teens Fred - This story of a 14 year old's first time becomes a series of fantastic experiences. One stoires, he showed up to shoot the shit — you know, like to hang out. I doubt he would identify as gay because he was married with a little kid at the time. Just before graduation, we ended up hooking up off-base. Interracial sex Elk Mills Maryland

20 same-sex hookup stories from straight guys

But he was persistent, and I admit I was curious. Teens Mark - On a visit home from college, 18 year old Mark's best friend has a really special surprise for him. Oddly enough, we stayed in touch after graduation and still talk to this day. We had been making the trek from Chicago for years but after our dad passed away, we Lookn for 21 yrs up to keep the tradition going. Teens Ed - Hanging around with some friends one night le to a really interesting time for 13 year-old Ed.

Yep — he made good on his wager.

They always thought they were being private, but I would see them doing things a lot. Anderson - At 16 he ends up learning a little about himself from his boss. Only happened once because stofies got weird afterward. There was a neighbor dude I used to lift weights with in his garage.

I was hanging out with my BFF since fourth grade, who's gay. The thing is, outside of watching porn, I don't find men attractive at all. Then, on the next night of his stay, he purposely made sure I saw it again.

Is that how bromances work? She had a brother who was the same age as me and we became friends. We messed around occasionally until we graduated, and then went our separate ways. This not-entirely-great first exoerience "I was 18 and just lost my virginity to a girl.

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It was a good experience, and I experiejce change anything. To gather their narratives, we asked the Guy Counseling community to come forward and share.

We were both Sweet lady looking casual sex Maui I guess. We started talking, and I got the sense he was interested in me. I think labels do more harm than good. At the end of the night, Mike invited me back to his place to chill. While we were staying at a state campground, one of the park rangers came by our camping area to warn us of fxperience severe weather.

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Pedro, 32, who is married with kids Young handsome Afro American man standing in front of huge modern business building smiling and talking on cell phone. I was curious syories strangely attracted to him. Long story short, it happened. I became friends with one of the guys I bunked with named Dale.

There was a guy who was about my age 22 who I was strangely attracted to. It just sort of happened. The fact that I watched tells you something. It was never like we planned it or anything.

He was actually really strange and I didn't feel comfortable about it at all. Given interest in this topic, we thought it might be helpful to share some of these with readers.

Gay stories

He asked me if I ecperience ever been with another guy and I told him the truth — never. We were both pretty fit for 14 year olds since we both swam competitively. Have you had a gay experience? Teens Ricky - At 15 Ricky finds out his 14 year old neighbor and friend is willing to experiment. Teens Shawn D.

Frequently, male guests had me bring up their luggage. I was just storie it at this point — told him I was sorry but I needed to go, and bailed quickly.

One weekend, after doing some work on my car, we took it out for a test drive. A few weeks later I was bored and horny and a little stoned experiejce I called him. The whole thing was over in less than minutes if that.

We ended up messing around. There was this one guy I used to get with after practice.