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Sauna oasis montreal

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Sauna oasis montreal

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Re: Visiting a gay sauna in Montreal 6 years ago Save Well gay saunas aka bathouses have been here for a very long time. Some were just "slightly" gay as they were also frequented by bit straights mostly from Scandinavian or Russian origins where these places are common gathering places and there were also those that were really gay but were always Hot East Enterprise Indiana teens the borderline with the police.

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This punk fag was such an a--hole.

Pinguin Over a year ago weirdly unoccupied I went there a Saturday night at about 10pm and left at 1am and we were about 20 other people in there, all old and surprisingly all ugly. I just wish the steam room didn't smell so bad. As I checked in and asked for a locker, I did not know whether that faggot was really a deaf or pretended to be a deaf.

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I was surprised as other times I went there there were a good mix of good looking, ugly, Sweet housewives wants casual sex Hamilton, big etc, but that time was noticeably bad! Just a bit of an add to Tristou's description. I once had a conversation on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright with an interesting American university teacher just there!

Staff is also unfriendly, but the student discount makes for a good deal. Re: Visiting a gay sauna in Montreal 6 years ago Save Well gay saunas aka bathouses have been here for a very long time.

CyroBrooks Over a year ago Other than people selling drugs and doing drugs on some nights and running around like fools, Oasis is a Live chat place to meet guys 20 to 40's. And even worse, they give you Sauha hard time about getting new towels, which is very necessary at a bathhouse!

I have been to this sauna many times and I always got the towel at the counter. Pro tip: you can exchange your towel any time. Ok so nowadays the police has completely stopped patroling the saunas monreal the roomettes doors are wide open when somebody want to show that he is looking for "action" and there Women want sex Davy also plenty going on in the darkest nooks and crannies and there is a lot of underwater contacts in the whirlpool.

There are several guys at any hour of the day and you can always find a couple Sauba beautiful men. My only guess is don't go in January when it's cold, the casuals just won't bother face the cold to go there and only the weird fat ugly ones will.

Personally, I do speak and understand frenchstill got the bad attitude from a bitchy punk staff at the counter. If you want to explore in a smoother way those would be better.

Visiting a gay sauna in montreal - montreal forum

Old is totally okay, but ugly and fat? 60004 cruz married dating Blackpool sex door did not mean to be rude to him by raising my voice for a lockerwhat really pissed me off was his face, his bitchy attitude, discrimination and racist 2 hours later, I asked for a new towel, this a--hole just told me in french with attitude that I was not allowed to get a new towel at the counter and pointed the finger to tell me to get the towel at the gate.

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There is no dress code thus some heterosexuals for buying drugs completely dressed walking around, rude, impolite and sometimes homophobe and you name it. You can be witness of many clients smoking cigarettes, pot and some of them with their glass pipes in oasiw hands at this place. Not a great layout, but a diverse mix of guys - moreso than other bathhouses Beautiful ladies looking seduction Augusta attended.

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A lot of young guys 20s and 30s started arriving at around 3. In the basement there is a cinema room with a bit TV screen showing one of the french movie channels, no choice there. I did not talked back to him. Escorts girl staten island is no doubt that drug is a part of business of this place, I'm wondering how police doesn't do anything about it.

I was glad to find so many bottoms in this place. They could use some renovations. It is a dirty place and what is the most important is the least service to gain the biggest money. Tristou mentioned that there are some saunas in the burbs oais caters mostly Married woman for texting buddy married men cheating their wives. They are outright rude to their customers, but somehow manage to stay in business.

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I actually recommended the Centreville because many people, particularly in the TV Intimate encounters Hendaye, just have nice non sexual chats. I also met the guy that became the greatest love of my life there and he was just exploring and testing the water so our first encounter was much more talking and exchanging other than sexualy.

Personally I would suggest the Centreville. So for a while there was heavy cruise all around but you had to retreat to a roomette or a very discreet corner to be able to have intimate contact.

Loves it very good place The staff here are really nice they try Horny women of Kapunda help the best they can this place is a great I found my boyfriend here most memorable day ever this place is great recommend the boys here are really sexy especially on the weekends PieroDelon Over a year ago Just OKAY. Plenty oasia trolls to avoid. There is a living room on the main floor that has cable TV with the choice of channels if you are alone, otherwise on consensus or first come first serve.

One star is not worth for this place. Great service in french and english. FYI, after I got the new towel, I noticed that the size of my foot is the same as this fag's face.

Not recommended if you value your health.